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  1. In the Centre of Shah Alam
  2. Next To The Dato’ Menteri LRT
  3. 3/4 bedrooms
  4. Dual Key Concept

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The Combination Of Simultaneously Sounded Musical Notes To Produce A Pleasing Effect.


Matured Township
Doorstep To LRT
High ROI Gowth
Accessibility to 5 Major Highway
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A Fertile Spot In A Desert, Where Water Is Found. Something Or Some Place That Provides Refreshing Relief.


Nestled in 106 Acres of Lush Greenary.
Leisure | Entertainment | Landmark
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Modernization Is The Process Of Updating Something Or Making It Work In A Contemporary Setting.


5-Tier Security
Exclusive Facilities
Flexi Layout Design
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A Portion Of Territory Surrounded By A Larger Territory Whose Inhabitants Are Culturally Or Ethnically Distinct.


Eatery Boulevard
Connected To Your Living Conveniences
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Why us

Doorstep To LRT

Living near a LRT station provides unparalleled convenience for commuters, making it easier to travel to work, school, or other destinations without the hassle of driving with traffic congestion. 



Commuting via LRT often saves time compared to driving, as it can bypass traffic congestion and provide a faster and more reliable transportation option, allowing residents to spend less time commuting and more time on other activities.


Owning a condo near a LRT station can potentially save money on transportation costs, as residents may be able to rely less on owning a car or using ride-sharing services, reducing fuel, maintenance, and parking expenses. 


Living near a LRT station improves accessibility to various amenities and services, such as shopping centres, restaurants, entertainment venues, and healthcare facilities, enhancing overall quality of life. 

Environmental Benefits

Choosing to live near public transportation contributes to reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact by promoting the use of more sustainable modes of transportation, aligning with the growing awareness of environmental sustainability. 

Potential For Property Value Appreciation

Proximity to public transportation, especially major transit hubs like LRT stations, can positively impact property values over time, making it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity for buyers. 

Lifestyle Preferences

For some individuals, the urban lifestyle offered by living near a LRT station, with its access to diverse cultural experiences, vibrant neighborhoods, and the convenience of city living, aligns well with their lifestyle preferences and aspirations. 

Type B - 775sqft


Type C - 1,054sqft


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